The worried chief minister is politicising monks and their

The state government has also committed to pay subsidy to the new industries which came up through Progressive Punjab summit for the difference in tariff applicable to relevant industrial category and special tariff of 499 paise per unit. Day a new industry is set up and starts consuming power, it will be charged 499 paise a unit and the difference between 499 paise and prevailing tariff rate will be borne by the state government, said Bains. (with HTC inputs).

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How long do you steal from and oppress a people and not expect

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He really wants her back then he should try to get her back in

They don’t melt when heated like most cheeses. They’re amazing!!! I’m from Wisconsin. It’s one stereotype I’d have to agree with about the area. We like cheese there and people there make some damn good cheese. Probably some of my best memories of my dad was him having my sister and I try different cheeses when we were little. He was always aaareplicasbag in a good mood (kinda kid like).

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